Becoming a Dealer

It's easier than you might think!

We welcome individuals or other small business owners who want to offer for sale any of a wide variety of items including true antiquities, furniture, collectibles, fine art, crafts, gift-type items, and many others. If you have a collection of valuable or unique items that you are ready to part with, perhaps a space in our Mall is an option worth considering.

General Rental Information Flyer 

We rent booth space in various sizes, lighted display cases, and wall space, and shelf space. Please view the flyer PDF for more details.


We often hear requests for old cast iron, art glass, knives and old bladed weapons, sterling silver, antique toys, jewelry, old tools, and old architectural pieces. Our customers also commonly seek unique, quality furniture, new and old lighting options, fine art, gift items, and historic Huntsville souvenirs.

Consignment Information Flyer

We accept select items with an individual value of $200 or more on consignment. Please view the flyer PDF for more details.